When looking at sports teams uniforms, it seems just about every colour of the rainbow is represented these days. Even Cricket, where traditionally white used to rule, is now starting to feature more colourful outfits. Sports such as Basketball, Soccer and Aussie Rules often have multiple kits, home and away, allowing for more flexibility.

Many brands across the world use specific colours to instantly communicate without the use of words. Numerous studies suggest that colours play a vital role in our mood and performance. 

Research of the 2004 Olympics in Athens concluded that athletes who wore red seemed to win more often. Scientists from the University of Durham in England found that, for the competitions they studied, the athlete wearing red won 55 percent of the time. Transfer across to team sports and another study revealed that English Soccer teams who wore red (Manchester United and Liverpool) have been champions more often than expected on the basis of the proportion of clubs playing in red.

The meaning behind uniform colours

Red: Increases aggression. In colour psychology, red is known for its dominating effect. Think of the red soccer kit worn by Manchester United. 

Black: Intimidating and menacing. New Zealand rugby jerseys are black, and they’re the most feared team in the world. 

Blue: Stability and trust. Stimulates creativity and encourages productivity. For people who want to be more efficient during practice, blue is the colour. 

Yellow: Sunny and positive. Can evoke certain emotions and is associated with extreme and vibrant energy. 

Green: Harmony and balance. Good colour choice to improve the teamwork of your sports team. 

Pink: Comforting and calming. If your sport requires you to keep a stable mind, pink is for you. You might notice most Yoga rooms are painted with pastel colours. 

Purple: Symbol of power. Promotes creativity and will encourage you to perform beyond your capacity. 

So, how do you decide what colours & design to use for your team's uniforms? Firstly, you’ll need to decide what type of kit your team will need. Whether a Reversible basketball jersey, Soccer jersey or an AFL Guernsey, we’ve got your Customised sports gear needs covered. Once you know what custom kit you need, simply head over to our online customiser and start customising. Choose from any of our designs and add the colours you wish. We recommend choosing a colour that suits your team ethos!

February 23, 2021
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