Are you ready to take your team's appearance to the next level? Designing your own jersey may seem overwhelming at first, but with First Ever Custom, it becomes a breeze. Just like professional athletes, we believe that the right jersey can make all the difference on and off the field. That's why we offer a wide range of sports uniforms for every kind of athlete.

When designing your jersey, it's important to choose colours that reflect your team's spirit and resonate with your players. Our user-friendly online designer allows you to add personal touches such as team names, logos, player names, and numbers. And don't forget to consider the material that will bring your design to life.

With First Ever Custom, there are no minimum order quantities and we deliver within 15 business days. So why wait? Start designing your dream uniform today and leave a lasting impression on the competition.

Select Your Sport

Are you ready to take your team's look to the next level? With First Ever Custom, you can choose from a wide range of sports uniforms for basketball, soccer, rugby, and more, ensuring your team looks professional and stands out on the field. When selecting your sport, consider the specific needs of your team. First Ever Custom offers sizing options that cater to various body types and preferences. This ensures that every player feels comfortable and confident in their uniform.

Choosing the right fabric is crucial in designing a high-quality jersey. First Ever Custom uses lightweight polyester sports mesh material that provides both comfort and durability. This fabric allows for easy movement on the field without compromising on style.


Customisation features play a significant role in personalising your jerseys. With First Ever Custom's online designer tool, you have complete control over adding your team name, logos, player names, and numbers. These customisation options allow you to create a unique design that reflects your team's spirit.

When it comes to design inspiration, look no further than your own team branding. Consider incorporating colours and elements that represent your team's identity and values.

With these tips in mind, get started on designing your dream uniform today with First Ever Custom!

Choose Your colours

Choose the colours that resonate with your team's spirit and create a visually striking jersey. The psychology of colours plays a significant role in designing your own jersey, as different colours evoke different emotions and meanings. Consider the colour symbolism and how it aligns with your team's identity and message you want to convey.

To help you make an informed decision, here is a table showcasing the meaning behind popular colours used in sports uniforms:

Colour Meaning
Red Passion, energy, determination
Blue Trustworthiness, calmness, reliability
Yellow Optimism, happiness, confidence
Green Growth, harmony, balance


When selecting colour combinations for your jersey design, think about how they complement each other. You can choose contrasting colours for a bold and dynamic look or opt for analogous colours for a more harmonious feel. Additionally, consider colour psychology in sports – certain colours may intimidate opponents or boost team morale.

At First Ever Custom, you have the freedom to choose any colour combination that resonates with your team's spirit. Our online designer allows you to experiment with various shades and see how they interact before finalising your design.

Remember that the colours you choose will not only represent your team but also impact their performance on the field. So select wisely and create a visually appealing jersey that reflects both style and psychological impact.

Add Personal Touch

Infuse your jersey with a personal touch that truly sets it apart, like adding your team's unique logo or player names and numbers; these elements will make your jerseys stand out on the field. Adding creativity to your design is essential in capturing the essence of your team's spirit and individuality.

  • Unique logos: Incorporate a custom logo that represents your team's identity. Whether it's a fierce animal or a bold symbol, make sure it reflects the values and personality of your team.
  • Custom player names: Personalise each jersey by including the names of your players. This not only adds a sense of pride but also helps fans identify their favorite athletes on the field.
  • Visible designs: Ensure that all design elements are clear and visible from a distance. Bold fonts, contrasting colours, and strategic placement will enhance visibility and make your jerseys look professional.

By infusing team spirit into every aspect of your design, you create a cohesive and unified look for your team. Let First Ever Custom's online designer be your canvas as you unleash your creativity and bring life to your jerseys. With our user-friendly tools, you have full control over every detail, making it easy to showcase the uniqueness of your team through personalised jerseys that leave a lasting impression on opponents and fans alike.

Consider the Material

When selecting the material for your jersey, keep in mind how it will complement the colours and designs you have chosen. Choosing the right fabric is crucial to ensure that your jerseys not only look great but also perform well on the field. At First Ever Custom, we offer a range of material options to suit your team's needs.

Fabric considerations play a significant role in determining the overall comfort and durability of your jerseys. Our lightweight polyester sports mesh is an excellent choice as it provides both comfort and breathability during gameplay. It allows for maximum movement while keeping players cool and dry.

The importance of fabric selection goes beyond just aesthetics. The fabric you choose should work well with the colours and designs you have incorporated into your jersey. It should enhance the overall look while maintaining its quality over time.

At First Ever Custom, we understand the importance of fabric and design compatibility. That's why our materials are carefully selected to ensure they can withstand rigorous use without compromising style or performance.

So when designing your own jersey, consider the material that will bring out the best in your design. Choose a fabric that offers comfort, durability, and complements your team's style. With First Ever Custom, you can be confident that every aspect of your jersey is tailored to perfection.

Review and Place Order

Before finalising your order, double-check your design to ensure it's a slam dunk and that every detail is on point. Take the time to review your creation and make any necessary adjustments. Pay attention to how you have customised your jersey and ensure it reflects your team's spirit and individuality. Look for any areas where you can improve the professional look of your design. Consider factors such as colour combinations, font choices, and placement of logos or text.

One important aspect to consider when reviewing your design is the visibility of personal touches. Make sure that player names, numbers, and team logos are clear and easily distinguishable. These elements should stand out on the jersey to enhance its overall appearance.

When placing your order with First Ever Custom, keep in mind that there is no minimum quantity requirement. You can order as few or as many jerseys as you need for your team. This flexibility allows you to customise uniforms for teams of any size without worrying about having excess or insufficient quantities.

So take a moment before hitting that final "submit" button to carefully review each aspect of your design. Ensure that it meets all the criteria for a professional-looking jersey - from colours and personal touches to clear visibility - so that you can confidently place your order knowing you've created something truly unique for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I design jerseys for sports other than basketball and soccer with First Ever Custom?

Yes, you can design jerseys for cricket and baseball, explore unique designs for rugby and hockey, create customised jerseys for lacrosse and volleyball, design jerseys for ultimate frisbee and field hockey, as well as explore jersey design options for tennis and golf with First Ever Custom.

Is there a limit to the number of colours I can choose for my jersey design?

There is no limit to the number of colours you can choose for your jersey design with First Ever Custom. Our customisation options allow you to create a unique and vibrant design that reflects your team's spirit. With our advanced printing techniques, your chosen colour combinations will be beautifully displayed on the jersey.

Can I upload my own team logo or do I have to choose from pre-existing options?

Yes, you can upload your own team logo when designing unique jerseys with First Ever Custom. We offer the option to personalise jersey designs by allowing you to add custom team logos, player names, and numbers. Create custom sports jerseys that truly represent your team's identity.

What types of fabric options are available for the jerseys?

When designing your own jersey, it's important to choose the right fabric for durability and comfort. Popular options include lightweight polyester sports mesh, which offers both comfort and durability. Consider the pros and cons of different fabrics to create a standout design that reflects your team's spirit.

Are there any discounts or promotions available for bulk orders of jerseys?

Yes, there are discount options and bulk order benefits available at First Ever Custom. They often have limited time promotions that allow for cost savings on larger orders. Keep an eye out for special deals to get the best value for your team's jerseys.

August 21, 2023