Hey team leaders and jersey creators! When it comes to decking out your squad in the coolest custom jerseys, custom tees, or custom singlets, you’ve got options. It's like picking the perfect toppings for a pizza – each choice adds a different flavour. Let's break down the pros and cons of embroidery and printing for your team’s look. 🤔

Embroidery: The Old-School Cool

Embroidery is like that classic varsity jacket vibe – it’s got texture and a dash of old-school charm. Think of it as the team’s badge of honour stitched right into the fabric.


Tough as nails: Embroidery doesn’t fade after a few washes. It’s here for a good time and a long time.

Snazzy and classy: It gives your gear a professional edge that says, "We mean business."

One size fits all: Works on almost any kind of clothing material.


Can be pricey: More complex your design, the more you’ll have to shell out.

Could be scratchy: The backside might give you a bit of a scratch during that buzzer-beater shot.

Not for the fancy stuff: Super detailed logos might lose some swagger with stitches.

Printing: The New Kid on the Block

Printing’s the modern player in the game – sharp, sleek, and smooth. Perfect for those complex logos or when you want the colours to pop just right.


Detailed to the max: Get every line and shade of your design just how you imagined.

Easy on the skin: It’s all smooth sailing, no scratchy bits here.

Wallet-friendly: Great for getting the whole crew kitted without breaking the bank.


Might not last forever: Over time, some prints can fade like old jeans.

Some might say ‘meh’: To some folks, printing doesn’t bring the same prestige as embroidery.

So, What’s Best for Your Team?

Think about what your team needs. Is your logo complex? Printing might be your MVP. Watching your budget? Printing can be kinder to your wallet. Want your uniforms to last season after season? Embroidery could be your champion.

Whether you go with the stitch or the press, make sure you team up with a jersey creator who scores as high in quality as you do in team spirit. Because at the end of the day, whether you’re rocking custom basketball jerseys or any sports gear, you want to look sharp, feel good, and play great. Let’s get your team looking top-notch! 🏆

November 08, 2023